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Medline delivers exclusive incubators for all laboratory purposes.
IB-G series is the most useful and popular incubators for general purposes. Without affecting the chamber temperature, Sample inspection viewing is made easy due to the inner tempered glass door. The ekonomic incubators has a space-saving design and a safe, trouble-free heating systems.
IB-E series inner chamber has a heating film coated for the best quality.
IB incubators are vibration and noise-free.

IB-01E IB-01/11/21E Incubator

Volume: 65, 150, 205 litre

Economic incubator 



Intense low temperature incubation with compressor cooling systems.

IL Series has an excellent compressor cooling system, HBP is noiseless and reduces water evaporation in the chamber.
Airjacked incubators prevent air outside the chamber in the inner chamber and has an outstanding temperature stability.
IL-A series is completely water evaporation free when using a vaporize cooling system or fan, especially ideal for incubation.
ILP series of compact, lightweight and reliable incubators that has a thermetically, electric peltier module cooling chip, which makes it very silent, without vibration and with a very small heat generation. The model is a good bench-top personal incubator.

IL-11A IL-11A Incubator

Volume: 162L

Intens low temperature incubating performance 
with compressor cooling system 


IL-11IL3-15/25 Incubator

Volume: 150L, 242L

Low temperature incubator


ILP-02ILP-02/-12 Incubator