Multi pipettes from Capp mini


Capp offers the world's only option for fast and high precision pipetteting of 16-, 48-, or 64-wells at once without the use of expensive, automated equipment.
Ideal for 384 well liquid handling.
CappAero ™ 48 & 64 channel pipette allows for pipetting large samples in a short period of time while reducing the workload.



Aero96 CAPP Aero96Pipett

Variable volumes for:

0,5-10µl, 2-20µl, 5-50µl, 10-100µl, 20-200µl, 30-300µl
8 or 12 channels


Aero384 CAPP Aero384Pipett

Variable volumes for:
0,2-2µl, 0,5-10µl, 5-50µl
16, 48 or 64 channels