Capp mini  Producer of the prestigious Danish pipettes


Pipettes from CAPP has a unique design with a greatly reduced pressure of the thumb.
Pipettes weighs very little and is comfortable in the hand.
CAPPs pipettes are supplied with variably adjustable volumes from sub-microliter to ml or elective fix volumes.
CAPP pipettes has the markets best accuracy and precision.
LabVision offers pipettes from CAPP with a full three year warranty as well as favourable service.
The pipettes are fully autoclavable.
CAPPs pipettes are available with 1-, 8-, 12- and 16-channels.

Capp BravoSingle pipettes

Aero384 Multi pipettes

EL pipett    Electronical pipettes

CappWash    Other pipetting

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Hot Plate Stirrer    Table top instruments

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