ProbeDrum ProbationLab

is a Lund-based company that manufactures analyzer ProbeDrum that could completely change the rules for future analysis.

The instrument combines automatic titration down to the nanoliter level with three different detection methods.

  • Ultra-fast UV / VIS absorbance
  • Fluorescence of 280 to 650 nm
  • Laser-based 90° static light scattering
  • Incubation from 12 to 80°C
  • Magnetic stirring

ProbeDrum Steel

ProbeDrum logo

"Combined automatic titration and spectrometry"
ProbeDrum has also been equipped with incubation, magnetic stirring and electrode port.
Data is presented continuously in real time during the test run.
The first instrument is installed at Sara Snogerup Linse, Professor of Molecular Protein Science at the University of Lund. For Professor Linse, the benefits of the instrument obvious:
"With ProbeDrum we can with unprecedented precision reveal small but important differences in the properties of proteins that we have trouble seeing with manual methods. We believe the ProbeDrum can help us to reveal calcium-related disease mechanisms."