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Awel Innovation is driven by a highly experienced team of engineers whose products are characterized by innovative thinking as well as professionalism.
LabVisions goals with Awel Innovation is to improve the productivity of your laboratory, to increase the reliability of your analyzes and to ensure the safety of your results by providing high quality centrifuges from France. Awel Innovation produces centrifuges for a large number of applications.



Awel classical centrifugesMF48R

Classical centrifuges, model CF, gives a maximum speed up to 4500 RPM.

CF models are available in three different versions in terms of capacity and two of these can be selected as cooled centrifuges.


Multifunction centrifuges from AwelC48

Multifunction centrifuges, model MF, offers maximum speed up to 15 000 RPM.

Model MF is available in two different versions in terms of capacity and with or without cooling.


Awel lookThe Awel centrifuges low profile provides an ergonomically correct position.

Awel lineIntegrated level control prevents the centrifuges to restart when it is unleveled. Less vibration gives better separation.

Awel lightCompleted centrifugation indicates by a clear light signal.

Awel lockA number of angle and swing-out rotor offers to the MF models and these can be easily replaced without any tools thanks to a patented Quick Lock system.